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Just processed the second round of withdrawals. dogechain transaction.
There were several users that havent added their wallet address. please check your wallet address before submitting withdrawal.

New website opened by me:

Check it out!
december 5, 2019

The featured section is Fixed.
december 3, 2019

Claim free Tokens
Welcome to freebcc.
The process of claiming of free tokens is pretty simple, juist register, fill in your wallet address and claim. Visit the Link and/or featured page, follow the simple instructions, and recieve the tokens. No Deposits or complicated processes required other than proving you are human via email when registering.

The available tokens are reset every 24 hours. The availabillity of the tokens may differ per day. The tokens have a set value in US dollars.

When you reach the minimum for withdrawal, you may choose to withdraw your token by converting them into any of our available cryptocurrencies. Every weekend all withdrawals are proccessed and send over blockchain to your prefered wallet.

I have written some guides i hope you find easy to understand and may help you getting started in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. basically it is as simple as using a new email service for the first time.
In our featured section you can claim tokens by visiting a link for 15 seconds. These websites are placed there by our advertisers and users as they might interest you too.

Every user can add their link and buy unique daily impressions via the advertise websites panel under the account link.

Do you have a website, link, referral you wish to publish for cheap?
You can read more about the service and prices on our advertisers page.

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