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Freebcc is a privately run and owned website that provides a very simple micro earning and learning service. All information found on this website is written by me, the admin and owner. Most of the written content has come about by my own experiences and opinions. Thus, this might be subject to scrutiny and I may be misinformed and/or wrong.

- Always make informed decisions.

The Micro earning part is really rather simple. By claiming, using the faucet part of the site, you earn tokens that may be withdrawn. Withdrawals may be done in any of the available coins, using our registered microwallet services.

To start you will need to register an account here and on any of the microwallet services. Don't worry, it's free. Read the how to claim guide, so you can see how simple it is.

- I do not allow any form of cheating.

In short, the way this works is that you visit pages and confirm your claim. By allowing ads to be displayed you literally earn a large part of the revenue from the displayed and loaded ads.

Why claim?

You may wonder why you should bother claiming these very little rewards. For most people it may seem as a waste of time with barely any gains.

The first and simplest reason is that it is very very easy and can be done whenever you have a spare minute.

The second reason is that you learn about various cryptocurrencies while you working with it. Addionally you keep saving up crypto and not fiat. If any of your favorite crypto start increasing in value again, your claims actually became worth far more.

As example is my own story into Bitcoin and various other crypto.

I started getting interested in Bitcoin around 2016. I read about it a bit, did not understand it much but found out about faucets and thought -Why Not?-. I casually claimed from then existing faucets several times a day. Never actually spend them and just kept saving up in my own wallet.
Then around mid 2017 every value started to increase. suddenly my total of Crypto was worth some decent money. For me this was a good time to maybe do something more with it... like start my own faucet.

That is what i did. Ever since 2017 I have invested most of my earnings back into this website. Developing and buying new scripts to keep running.

This is just a bit of my crypto story. But, the message is simply that the tiny amounts you claim today, may be worth much more in the future. It may also be worth nothing in the future. but thats the gamble of investing. Though via micro earnings way less risky.



Visit the faucet, choose reward and make your claim.


Easy and short guides to start you off on your crypto journey.

High Rates

I am always working on the best rates to pay without making it hard to claim.

Ref system

Earn extra by inviting your friends using your personal referral link.

Low threshold

You may withdraw after you reach 100 tokens claimed and once every 24 hours.

Top advertisers

Only the most reputable and best adnetworks are used to display ads.