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DOGE addresses in Faucethub are changed. That is if you are using the Faucethub deposit address function.
(on a side note; I never thought it was a good idea for claimers to use that function, it is for Faucet Owners)
Anyway, you should add your old address to you wallet addresses in user dashboard on Faucethub to keep receivng payments. You cannot change your address here on freebcc.

Date: 06/10/2018

Planned upgrade and move of server is postponed. This will happen sometime in the coming weeks.

Normal claiming and withdrawing will now be resumed till that day.

The plus side of this break is that I found a lot of bots/cheater accounts.
Anyone contacting me trying to unban their account from before Sep-26-2018 will not get it.

Date: 26/9/2018
Major news regarding this website.
As some users might have noticed we are suffering from bad connections and overloaded systems that result in ERROR 502/522 via cloudflare. or when withdrawing you see only 0's.

That is why as admin I urge you to withdraw your tokens before 25-Sep-2018. After this date this website might no longer be around. Or, alternatively get some major upgrades and a re-install.
After 25 September your, and all other, accounts may no longer exist. please withdraw before that date.

Date: 18/9/2018

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