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Welcome to freebcc.org.

Please understand that this website is a hobby site. I try to make it as easy as possible for users to learn about and claim free cryptocurrencies.

The option to withdraw should be used daily. please do not hold your tokens.

With constant attacks from bots, hackers and cheaters, We have several added securities that will check if you have displayed ads and are not using any sort of proxy or VPN.

Anyone breaking the rules or not confirmed via your confirmation email will be banned. If you are unsure if you blocked content or ads, you are advised to just claim once and send a withdraw. If you receive our withdrawal within a day, you are cleared.

Please use the FAQ section for any question you might have.

Claim free Tokens
Welcome to freebcc.
The process of claiming of free tokens is pretty simple, juist read the How to claim Guide, or visit the Link page and follow the simple instructions.
The available tokens are reset every 24 hours. The availabillity of the tokens may differ per day.
After claiming you may choose your preferred currency to withdraw them in.


Learn about and claim free bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. With our beginners guide we have a nice and short intro in to the world of cryptocurrency.
Learn about common terminology and abbriviations, faucets, microwallets, Airdrops and more.
Through the coin section you may find some interesting and in-depth information for various coins.

In our featured section you can claim tokens by visiting a link for 15 seconds. These websites are placed there by our advertisers and users as they might interest you too.
Every user can add their link and buy unique daily impressions via advertise websites panel.

Do you have a website, link, referral you wish to publish for cheap?
read more on our advertise section.


Do not contact admin before reading faq page.

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