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Important read!

Everything that happened on this website and service on August 19th 2018 has been lost. All updates, every withdrawal every earnings.

Please do not contact admin about this. We hope to continue services starting on August 20th.

Registration is open again.
Date: 19/8/2018
The registraion is closed for now. Untill we are able to update the script and are sure extra security measures are properly installed.

You should withdraw daily. We are unsure of some services paying us in return for your visits.

There are a lot of payments dues to our service and we expect them, but do not have a clue as to when.

In the coming 2 weeks it may occur that the balance has run dry and withdrawal is not possible or your withdrawal tokens get returned when there are no funds. please do not worry, funds are coming, just not as fast as we would all like.
Date: 15/8/2018
Freebcc is still under atack from bots. What it is exactly they were trying we are not sure. But the disruption caused the server to collapse and take us offline.

This also means some of our ad services have been reset. This comes to a great loss in revenue. Right now Admin is deciding if he should just close down the service or keep going.

It does not seem these criminals give up and leave the website and service alone. No, they need to steal all the coins you real claimers deserve...

Will let you know soon.
Date: 14/8/2018
Today finally saw some withdrawals from our shortlink providers. We are happy to say we can payout a little while longer. Sadly our biggest withdrawals are still pending.
Date: 13/8/2018
If a coin wallet is empty, the option will be removed from withdrawal options, untill its filled again. We hope to recieve payments soon and fill up most of the coin wallets to give our users more options.
Date: 13/8/2018

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