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Frequently asked questions about and it's faucets and airdrops.

Freebcc stands for Free Bitcoin & CryptoCurrencies.

The primary goal of is to help people getting started in the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. With faucets that dispense small amounts of several coins, you may experience how easy it is to work with crypto's. By having to create a wallet address and all that comes with it you can figure out all that is required to send, receive and keep different coins.

The 'Beginners Guide' is a very short but detailed way to just get you started. With this method you learn by doing. All for free.

By method of leaking coin faucets freebcc gives away free coins to anyone in the world using one of the best microwallets available (faucethub). The only requirements to receive these coins are:
- You registered your wallet address in Yes its completely free too.
- You allow ads to be shown. This keeps the faucets full with coins. The dispensing has to financed somehow.

Just like the real thing, every crypto coin has it's own blockchain. These blockchains have their own unique address signatures. So you can never send Litecoin into the Bitcoin blockchain. It will never be accepted, since there is no corresponding data.

Thus for every coin you need a unique wallet address that has been created in said blockchain. Creating a wallet address (public key) can be done with any wallet software. This can be done with several online wallets, or you can download one to install on your PC/Mac/mobile/tablet.

There might be a number of reasons why you claiming does not work at times:
- Maintenance / Ivalid Response. Either on freebcc or faucethub.
- No balance. This happens sometimes. This is usually fixed within 48 hours.
- Banned. The system faucets operate on have several security features. If you use a Proxy/VPN you might get banned. If you use ad-block you might get banned, or any number methods you try to cheat or steal will get you banned.
Unregistered address. Make sure you have registered you wallet address at faucethub.

When FaucetHub is down or has problems by being under attack, none of the faucets will have a a secure connection and will not able to send claims.

FREEBCC.ORG uses reCaptcha as a anti-bot feature.

If the captcha box is not showing at times, you could just refresh the page. Due to many requests on the captcha service and the need for a secure connection every time, it sometimes just does not load.

If the captcha becomes too difficult after a time you might consider logging out of google, clearing your cashe, and log back in.

There are no plans to change the captcha type. It has been asked many times to change to SolveMedia or others types. Other captchas just are not as secure.

The amount you can claim is automaticly calculated every hour. Using current market values. At times this calculation is changed when ad revenue is up or down.

So, if the price of a coin rises the claim amount reduced and visa versa.

Impossible to say. The airdrops are updated regularly when information becomes available, or new ones are published.

Only airdrops that look promising and do not require a download and too much personal information are added.

Yes. As admin of I am always open to suggestions and questions. You can contact me at [email protected] or the official thread in faucethub forum.

*this page is still under construction.

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