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I am closing my other website after little over a week. was making big losses and have no idea how to fix the issues.
december 14, 2019

FreeBCC Ending
Posting date: October - 25 - 2019

The new script is still not ready. I have been told just a few days left twice now. four weeks ago and once one week ago. Still nothing.. so until i get the script the site will keep running as is.
Do keep in mind i will only give a 24 hour warning when i do receive the script and closing this current version as described below.
Anyone that complains to me after i close this site about their balance will get a screenshot of this.

just withdraw when you finish claiming for the day and nothing gets lost.

Posting date: September - 24 - 2019

Soon (sometime in October 2019) I will have to close this current version of
As with many earning websites the increase of bad traffic, bots and macro cheaters I am forced to switch script to try and mitigate my losses.

This means all current accounts and history will be deleted. in short; I do not wish to do all that work to move one database to new different one. After new site is installed you will have to sign up again if you wish to earn. this includes all previously banned accounts too.

All referrals will be gone. When starting with a complete blank slate your account and referrals will be gone completely. Yes, it sucks! i know, i know.

Untill then Withdraw every day please. I have no actual date set yet for when i will remove this site and install new version. But i wanted to give everyone a heads-up. You will have no reason to say you weren't warned! Probably will give only 1-2 days prior to actual date a new heads-up.

Over the last few months my site has seen an increase of bad traffic and bots. I have no way to upgrade the current script or any further idea's on how to stop this.

I have the feeling i am only banning real users and actual visitors with every new layer of security i add. The fact that the actual botters also try to get unbanned, same as real users by contacting me, has made me just give up on even reading my emails most of the time. It is just depressing to think i don't pay real people for their work because I can not see the difference between them and the actual criminals anymore.

I hope the above information is enough warning for everyone. Please do not contact me about this. I will not explain further, And hope to see you all (real people) with the new version.

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