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Important read!
Major news regarding this website.
As some users might have noticed we are suffering from bad connections and overloaded systems that result in ERROR 502/522 via cloudflare. or when withdrawing you see only 0's.

That is why as admin I urge you to withdraw your tokens before 25-Sep-2018. After this date this website might no longer be around. Or, alternatively get some major upgrades and a re-install.
After 25 September your, and all other, accounts may no longer exist. please withdraw before that date.

Date: 18/9/2018

Please withdraw daily, once you are done collecting tokens.

Date: 07/9/2018
If you got banned and it was a mistake, please contact me (admin) with your username. We have changed the settings again. Too many false possitives the last 2-3 days with bans.

The bot problem is ungoing. I know they are getting claims in, somehow getting access, and ruining our chances of staying with shortlink services.

To combat this we are constantly trying to find ways to detect and ban them. some regular users may get into the crossfire.

Apologies for that. please let me know if that happened via telegram or faucethub, links below. (dont forget username or you might not get a response)

Date: 05/9/2018

Frequently Asked Questions
What is freebcc.org?
freebcc.org is a website that aims to get bitcoin and crypto newbies started by giving short descriptions, tips and dispensing of tiny free amounts of some selected cryptocurrencies. This is to let a crypto newbie work with the real deal for free.

Technically freebcc.org is a crypto faucet with additional free content. A crypto faucet is a website that drips free amounts of cryptocurrency at set time intervals.

You earn freebcc's own generated tokens.

These tokens are appointed a monetary value in US Dollars. When you think it's time to withdraw, these tokens can be converted to a coin from a selection of faucethub supported currencies.

before you earn or withdraw, you will have to set your wallet addresses via your profile/settings page.
On the withdraw page you see how much your tokens are worth in our selection of supported coins. You may choose to withdraw too.

Once you have withdrawn you may have to wait up to 48 hours till your coins arrive.

You will have to make sure you have an account at microwallet faucethub and have also registered your wallet addresses there.

What are bcc tokens?
bcc tokens are our own in-house generated currency. These tokens are assigned a monetary value in US Dollars and are converted to your choice of our selection of coins, when you withdraw.

bcc tokens have no value outside of this website and cannot be bought, sold or traded outside of freebcc.org.

Are there withdrawal restrictions?
Yes. You need to have at least 100 bcc tokens to withdraw. this is just one claim from the bcc faucet.
Only withdrawal to microwallet faucethub are possible at this time.

You may not withdraw more then once a day, to ensure that our connection with faucethub is not overloading.

With large withdrawals you might need to wait up to 48 hours for our admin to clear the payment. This is sadly needed to check for bots and other cheaters.

Why can't I withdraw?
There can be several reasons a withdrawal is not succeeding.

- insufficient funds. There is not enough in the freebcc wallet at faucethub at the time. This happens from time to time, with exchanges and deposit waiting times.
- bad connection/maintenance. With us and faucethub having regular maintenance sessions to keep things smooth, the connection might not work and the withdrawal does not go though.
- There has been put a restriction on your account. when you are suspected of cheating in any way we might temporarily suspend any withdrawals until we are sure.
- A bug in the code. With constant attacks from malicious bots on our systems we sometimes have to edit the codes. If by any chance this is the case you can rest assured that we will either put the previous code back or have it fixed within 24 hours.

I did not receive my payment when i made withdrawal!
With a large withdrawal this can take up to 48 hours to be cleared by freebcc admin.
If you did not get payment, even though our system said so, please contact admin via "social" on the bottom of every page. Do not forget to mention your username.

I keep getting error messages when doing PTC items!
The most common reason for this is using an ad blocker or some other script blocker.
Other reasons for this might be that the region you live in is not supported by that particular service.
IF you get the same error from the same service 2 days in a row, please just do not try it again.

I keep getting error about being a bot!
Our system has plenty of security measures against cheating. No matter what type of cheating you use you will be banned and receive that message again and again.
Only contact Admin if you feel this isn't true. don't forget to supply your username.

I have another issue!
If you have a question or issue not described in This Faq, you can contact site admin and owner via our social section on the bottom. If it's regarding your account, please supply your username with the message, or you may not get a response.