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Important read!
Major news regarding this website.
As some users might have noticed we are suffering from bad connections and overloaded systems that result in ERROR 502/522 via cloudflare. or when withdrawing you see only 0's.

That is why as admin I urge you to withdraw your tokens before 25-Sep-2018. After this date this website might no longer be around. Or, alternatively get some major upgrades and a re-install.
After 25 September your, and all other, accounts may no longer exist. please withdraw before that date.

Date: 18/9/2018

Please withdraw daily, once you are done collecting tokens.

Date: 07/9/2018
If you got banned and it was a mistake, please contact me (admin) with your username. We have changed the settings again. Too many false possitives the last 2-3 days with bans.

The bot problem is ungoing. I know they are getting claims in, somehow getting access, and ruining our chances of staying with shortlink services.

To combat this we are constantly trying to find ways to detect and ban them. some regular users may get into the crossfire.

Apologies for that. please let me know if that happened via telegram or faucethub, links below. (dont forget username or you might not get a response)

Date: 05/9/2018

Peercoin (PPC)
Peercoin is a digital cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin. It uses proof of stake technology to prevent the centralization of the network that naturally happens with proof of work coins over time.

Minting (as opposed to mining!) is the term given to Proof-of-stake block generation in Peercoin, that is securing the network. This earns you 1% annual interest. Coins are first eligible to mint 30 days after they have been transferred. If you want to mint, you have to put some of your peercoins at stake in your wallet.

The official peercoin website with a lot of relevant information.

ppc Explorer

A peercoin explorer. Find all transactions for peercoin.


Peercoin has it's own forum and community. Ask them anything.

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