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Run a Shortlink
Shortlink services are a big part of faucets and other incentivised traffic and earning websites these days. It is rather easy installing and running a shortlink service. Your biggest problem will be adding ad networks and finding advertisers.

Summary usefull links:
- adlinkfly Script.
- Makejar's FH payment tool.
- Contact user "devrawl" in faucethub to buy redirect script for $5,-.
- Ad rotator script.

What you need:
1. Hosting and a website.
This will not work on a free hosting plan. You will be required to buy the script and use the easy install methods suplied. Have access to your database and files.

2. Shortlink Script.
The most common used is Adlinkfly script. You should buy this (by clicking on the link just suplied) and not try to download any of the nulled versions floating around. The nulled versions often have added spyware.

3. Payment plan.
Add paypal, bitcoin and other details to pay your publishers. You might have to pay your publishers before you receive payment from any of your advertisers.
You can even add a payment method to Faucethub, using your API, with Makejar's tool here. This may be very handy in adding to total payouts from your faucet.

Optional but highly recommended:

4. Advertisers.
Usually in the form of ad-network ads. Either you already know how or have your own advertisers, or you can visit our Advertisers section for some recommendations.

5. Redirect add-on script.
To add other domains and pages. This script was made by luckybits.io and devrawl. You may contact username devrawl, in faucethub, to buy this at $5,- and get help installing it. I personally have added this to make the shortened link visit two other pages on another domain first. This Is really handy if you want to make use of other domains and add ad impressions.

6. Ad rotator script.
One of the most common mistakes shortlink owners make is just filling up a page with ads and adding 2 types of pop ad. I will later on expand on this.

Now that you have a domain, hosting and the script you want to install it. When buying the script you will get a very easy to follow guide on how to install it. even if you get confused the development team of this script is there to help you with just an email.

After you installed everything, played around a bit in admin panel, and figured out you will need to add at least one custom campaign to set CPM price for your publishers and Advertisers at the same time.
When doing this i recommend using the banner option, Set CPM World wide and use a banner or pop ad code.
In Settings options you may configure what you might like best. choose from a variety of templates, add captcha, Demand SSL, add more ads or text etcetera. I recommend creating a link via user panel (you can switch between admin and user panel on the top right side) and just play around a bit. every change you make is immediate and will show after you saved.
Just play around and familiarize yourself with the script.

There are some things I have seen administrators neglecting or just not bothering with that i think is a shame and will make user start hating your service.

SSL Certificate. Add it. Its easy and it is free. There are loads of help videos on youtube on how to do it. Many hosting plans already have this added when you buy your subscription.
If you do not have it yet, you can run your website through Cloudflare for added DDOS protection, and get a SSL certificate, for free.

Do not add Adsense. Google adsense is by far the best paying ad network in the world. Sadly they do not allow incentivized traffic. This is also mostly due to the massive amount of fake traffic from bots going the pages where the ads are displayed.
They will shaft you. There will be a moment, mostly just before payday that Adsense suspends your ad account and you will not get paid.

Too many ads. Way too many shortlink services add every available ad they can find to a single page, to get as many impressions as possible. This really doesnt work. your ad impression earnings are (most of the times) highly dependent on clicks. So showing more than 5 will greatly decrease your click count.

More important is to not have more than one pop-ad run per visit. When you add two and they both "pop" at the same time your visitor will loose their progress through your shortlink. there will only be 2 pages open loaded with the pop-ads and your service is gone. This will annoy users and make them avoid your service.

There is a simple solution for this. Rotate your ads.
This way you can add all your ads, but only show a certain amount at one time at random and will only have one pop-ad. Along with this you may also consider adding extra pages via point 5 above.

adding rotator script.
You will have to add some codes to you some specific files. This is a PHP code that you cannot add via admin panel.
To add these codes:
parent folder → select plugin you use (classic,Cloud,modern) → src → template → Links → view_banner.ctp

add this within the php code on top:

Replace the placehold codes with your ad codes. make sure your ad codes have double quotes and not single like a-ads has. You may of course ad more than 2 for the same position.
no (')
yes (")

If one of these codes represent pop ads, just place it next to a banner ad code.


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