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Important read!
Major news regarding this website.
As some users might have noticed we are suffering from bad connections and overloaded systems that result in ERROR 502/522 via cloudflare. or when withdrawing you see only 0's.

That is why as admin I urge you to withdraw your tokens before 25-Sep-2018. After this date this website might no longer be around. Or, alternatively get some major upgrades and a re-install.
After 25 September your, and all other, accounts may no longer exist. please withdraw before that date.

Date: 18/9/2018

Please withdraw daily, once you are done collecting tokens.

Date: 07/9/2018
If you got banned and it was a mistake, please contact me (admin) with your username. We have changed the settings again. Too many false possitives the last 2-3 days with bans.

The bot problem is ungoing. I know they are getting claims in, somehow getting access, and ruining our chances of staying with shortlink services.

To combat this we are constantly trying to find ways to detect and ban them. some regular users may get into the crossfire.

Apologies for that. please let me know if that happened via telegram or faucethub, links below. (dont forget username or you might not get a response)

Date: 05/9/2018

Shortlink Providers
To boost your earnings, and be able to pay your users more, you might consider using shortlinks.
Shortlinks are services that pay you to have people go through a page filled with ads. these pages usually have a captcha as well, to make sure users stay on the page long enough and to verify they aren't bots.
Depending on your faucet script they can be integrated with your faucet.

Below is a list of verified shortlink services that accept faucet websites.

Shortner CPM Payout # visits paid Link
adspuma $ 2,80 $ 1,- FH 1 Register
Shortedbind $ 3,25 $ 1,- FH 1 Register
bitstlk $ 2,60 $ 1,- FH 1 Register
emt su $ 1,- $ 1,- FH 25 Register
btc.ms $ 1,20 $ 5,- FH 1 Register
ot url $ 3,60 $ 1,- FH 1 Register
hitcanavari $ 0,6 $ 1,- FH 50 register
shortlinklive $ 5,40 $ 80,- 1 Register
linktor $ 2,25 $ 10,- 1 Register
o url $ 2,10 $ 20,- 1 Register
adpopme $ 1,50 $ 5,- 1 Register
PoWClick $ 1.70 $ 25,- all Register
best3link $ 5,30 $ 5,- 1 Register
clicksfly $ 2,- $ 5,- 8 register
Tokenfly $ 2,- $ 10,- 8 register
egycut $ 3,00 $ 10,- 1 register
linkat $ 1,80 $ 10,- 1 register
gettylink $ 3,40 $ 10,- 3 register
cashat $ 4,70 $ 10,- 1 register
cutpaid $ 2,- $ 3,- 1 Register

*Only selected shortlink services that have the pay option in cryptocurrency. CPM and payout thresholds are subject to change.

Pending shortners

Shortner CPM Payout # visits paid Link
vivads $ 3,20 $ 50,- 1 Register
reffsite $ 10,- $ 10,- 1 Register
shortlinkwin $ 2,20 $ 5,- 1 Register
cutads $ 5,- $ 10,- 1 Register
Cutfly $ 2,90 $ 5,- 1 Register
Adzlink $ 2,- $ 10,- 10 Register
Linkrex $ 2,6 $ 10,- 1 Register
Bitzfly $ 3,6 $ 10,- 1 Register

*shortner services are in use but have not yet paid, or have submitted a withdrawal yet.

Scam or other shortners

Shortner name reason link
cut urls API working erratic, does pay though visit
oke.io Has not paid in a long time. visit
shorts-link Does not work. not secure connection. visit
Gainslink stops counting 90% of traffic start of September. visit
best5link SAys they pay. shows paid in dashboard. no pay received. twice. visit
Geistlink First approve withdrawal. then return. no pay. no response from admin. scam! visit
urltips Asked to remove API. did pay. visit
eg4earn Cancled withdrawal. Does not honor payment options. visit
short2win no pay. says they pay next month. visit
link4win bad connection. unreliable. does seem to pay. visit
Linkatna Removes account after withdrawal request. visit
linkjust API doesnt work after couple of days but does pay. visit
TopUrl removes account after withdrawal request. visit
Short2Make removes account after withdrawal request. visit
AdsUrl some excuse, no pay. visit
ClixUrl waiting long time. visit
ISLYCE Removes account after a while. visit
solo-link removes account after withdrawal request. visit
flyslink stopped Faucets. No pay from before they stopped. visit
shortsman Api stopped responding. does pay. visit
akoame waiting too long. seems like admin does not know what they do. visit
tmearn Does pay but API is often unresponsive. visit

*shortner services haven't paid and/or removed account after a while without paying.

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