Update! 20-Jan-2022

Expresscrypto is finished. Faucetpay option to withdraw should be added around 24th.

I have decided to quit. Planning is to stop everything 20th of march this year.

Will add one time wihdraw option for those countries restricted from faucetpay. More info to come on front page after installation of faucetpay.

six crypto coin withdrawal choices. Low Withdrawal Threshold. 10% referral commision. Payment gateway via Expresscrypto. earn and learn crypto the easy way. register

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You should be aware of the following:

No form of cheating is tolerated and will result in ban. This includes using adblock, VPN/Proxy and any autoclaiming bot.

Every claim page has a pop ad. do not go back after it activates. Your claim is then invalid and timer is reset.
To prevent this read the How to claim guide.

Please wait for the page to fully load before you continue.

There are two captchas. One invisible in the background. The second captcha comes at random and if you fail to complete it too many times you get a automatic ban.

No bans are lifted. EVER! Do not contact admin about this.


This website is mine.

Freebcc is a privately run and owned website that provides a very simple micro earning and learning service. All information found on this website is written by me, the admin and owner. Most of the written content has come about by my own experiences and opinions. Thus, this might be subject to scrutiny and I may be misinformed and/or wrong.

However, I run this website how i want. It is a nice hobby to practise my fledgeling coding and designer skills. This is not something i do for a living. This website makes very very little profit and i only keep it as a hobby.

I started out with crypto via faucets back in 2016. Just by sometimes claiming, interacting with others (via microwallet chat) I figured out how to work with crypto. After about a year i started running a faucet too and enjoyed it mostly. I have almost quit many times. So, so, so many bots..



Visit the faucet, choose reward and make your claim.


Easy and short guides to start you off on your crypto journey.

High Rates

I am always working on the best rates to pay without making it hard to claim.

Ref system

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Low threshold

You may withdraw after you reach 100 tokens claimed and once every 24 hours.

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